Our New Passion for Nature

Have you noticed that the amount of flower and plant photography on Instagram and Facebook have increased? I am seeing many many more beautiful landscapes and a special attention to tiny plants too. I am so happy to see the veggies that people are planting at home and their plotted flowers.

I also took a look at my accounts and saw that I am also paying more attention to nature around me.

It’s so nice to see these images because I was really getting tired of all the over stylized travel and fashion images. I hope that we are all going through a new trend.

After Lockdown

As soon as lockdown ended in Portugal I jumped in my car and drove to a coastal area where I could take long walks on a dirt path surrounded by lots of green and gorgeous trees.



The dirt path behind my hotel was specially important to me because I could hear birds and all sort of animal noises including some very loud dogs. They made me feel alive and grounded.

I also walked on the beaches during the late afternoon and enjoyed the strong breeze. There were a few fishermen trying to fish from the sand and it was so beautiful to watch.

In two days I felt totally energised and at peace.

All I want is Green around Me

I just moved to a new city and the first thing that I did was to create a mini garden because I wanted to make sure that I could sit around green. My little courtyard has herbs and lovely sweat smelling jasmine.


When I go for a walk around my neighborhood I find myself looking at people’s gardens and all the blooming flowers spilling over their walls and gates. My focus has changed.


There are more people moving away from the cities and many who used to commute are not that interested in that lifestyle anymore. It’s so interesting to see all these lovely changes.


Have you notice any changes in you? Are you looking more towards nature for a sense of calmness?


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