Your Favourite Time of the Day?

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Mornings: Sunrise, Glorious Light, Fresh Air!

I love the mornings because of the exquisite colors of the sky as the sun rises. The air feels clean and fresh and I feel energised. There are days that I jump out of bed, put on my sneakers and go for a walk and a slow job. Other times I relax with a cup of coffee and I draw. Early mornings are quiet.

Morning Exercises

I am re-listening to the Couch to 5K app to get back into slow jogging again. It’s a fabulous app because they talk you through the exercises and play music during the intermittent jogging and walking. This is a British app that was created by the NHS and I’m not sure that you will have access to it if you are outside of the UK. I’m sure that you can find a similar to this one and if you go to the UK download it.

I tend to use this app a few times a year to get a little motivation to keep jogging. I have always walked but I have noticed that there are days I am more sluggish and listening to the app keeps me moving.

Enjoy the Good Mood after all that Fresh Air

What do you do after an exhilarating jog?

When I finish my exercises I walk back home at a slower pace and I photograph. I am living in a gorgeous place in Portugal where there is a beautiful walk by the beach. There are days that I sit and watch the fishing boats go off while people come to the beach to exercise and swim. It’s quiet and peaceful. I have a special spot where there is a huge rock surrounded by water where I meditate of just sit quietly.


We all have different times of the day that we feel more alert, creative or productive naturally. I tried to change my creative hours to a later evening time but it was a disaster. I was tired all the time and thoughts did not flow through me they came and left quickly. I could not focus on anything. I still want to use the evenings to do creative work so I’m going to do this slowly and in short increments.

Have you tried to adjust your work or creative work from one time of a day to another?

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Main Photo: Monument – Descobrimento Portugueses in Cascais

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