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Flowers Everywhere!

Is nature calling? Do you stop to look at flowers and different plants more since lockdown and social distancing?

I have a craving for flowers. I catch myself looking at them more carefully and when I photograph them I spend more time enjoying all their colors, shapes and textures. I have cutters in the car so that if I see something nice off the dirt roads that I love to venture on, I will just take a few cuttings. I started to sketch flowers and will soon try some watercolors. The lockdown had me yearning for nature and I didn’t realise it until it ended.


It’s my birthday week, yes…Even that changed for me since this pandemic. I have created a birthday week where I do a little special thing a day to celebrate my birthday. This year I will have a solo birthday and so I decided that I want to do this in a joyful and fun way.

Birthday Flowers

Olive oil can from the Estremoz market

Olive oil can from the Estremoz market


The Balão Flower

I bought an unusual flower called Balão (balloon). It is larger than a ping pong ball, light green and translucent. It has the appearance of a tennis ball because it has ridges and it’s full of texture due to thin little branch like things that look almost like hair all around it.

While I was creating the flower arrangements one of them fell on the floor, I stepped on it by mistake and was startled by a loud “pop”.

I wonder if that is why it’s called a balloon.

home office

My New Flowery Office

I have just moved and I am fixing things up slowly. I don’t have a table yet so I use the window sill as a stand-up desk and now I work with tons of daylight and my scented vase with the Balão and Eucalyptus. It’s perfect!

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