How to Keep Your Distance

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How can we maintain our distance from others without offending them?

My Mall Experience

I went to the mall to pick up my glasses and had to go up the escalator. There is a visible sign that states that we need to have a five-step distance between people. A person jumped on right after me. I pointed to the sign, got a dirty look, and the person behind me did not move. I went down a few steps to get away from them.

The Solution

When I was in Edinburgh last year, I saw a lady wearing a hat that may be the solution. She had on a rain hat with a huge brim. It protected her body from the rain and acted like a very strange umbrella.

Do you know where I can find this rain hat?


I think it’s perfect for pandemic-era shopping or just for walking on the streets. I must find one!

It’s so sad that we all have to stay away from each other. It’s challenging and so important. I know that it’s easy to forget about distancing, and we have to remain vigilant. It protects us and others. I am getting used to it, and it’s becoming second nature to me. I wonder how I will behave when all this ends. I hope that I won’t be too neurotic and will be able to go back to my old and “normal” behavior.

Do you have any great solutions to help us distance from each other without offending too much? What do you do when you see someone coming too close to you?


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