The Scary Elastic Pants

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Do you feel that you are giving in to the comforts of life when you wear elastic-waist pants?

I just spoke to my sister about what to wear to work at home.  I told her that I don’t like wearing my jeans- they aren’t comfy for hours at the computer.  I wore my gym clothes for parts of the lockdown, and with time, I dressed down more and more. It started to affect my days.  I wasn’t looking forward to the oversized t-shirts and running leggings or the baggy cotton sweatpants. Just the name, sweatpants, is enough to make you realize that you are not dressing up for a fun day.

multi-purpose pants envy

My sister found lovely athlete leisure pants during her recent trip to Miami. I was very envious because they are the sort of pants you can wear at home, to the gym, and out on errands without looking like you just left a yoga class or the gym. You can dress them up or dress them down. You can go from the working table to the stationary bike and back to the desk to work some more.

finding my own scary pants

I couldn’t find anything like that here in Cascais, Portugal. I searched in different shops, and decided to give Zara a chance. I found the best baggy, elastic waist black pants that can allow me to look a little better at home, go out, dress it up and down, and I can hide the waistband with a great belt.


Marguerite wearing elastic pants

mission accomplished

My sister was horrified by my purchase – she thought I had thrown in the towel.

“Those elastic waistband pants are dangerous! You aren’t going to stop eating. They will look terrible! Remember when you told me not to dress like a sofa?” And we laughed and laughed. So I sent her photos to see my new working clothes.

What are some solutions that you found to stay motivated while you work at home? How do you dress for comfort while not “dressing like a sofa” (as my sister would say)?

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