Travel Checklist

Photo by Iurii Melentsov on Unsplash

Photo by Iurii Melentsov on Unsplash

Before you travel:

Check the general weather conditions for all the places you will visit.

Pre-Packing for A Three-Day Trip

Separate the clothes that you want to take on your three-day trip before traveling. Remove things or add essentials.

Plan your packing with layering in mind.


Pick neutral colors for your basic clothes and add color through accessories such as hats, scarves, gloves, sweaters, raincoats, backpack, or shoes.

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Neutral colors


Neutral colors

Your Basic Needs for Three Nights

In your suitcase:

  • 1 pant/ trouser

  • 1 skirt

  • 4 t-shirt (long and short sleeves)

  • 1 evening blouse

  • 1 shirt

  • 1 sweater

  • 1 lightweight but very efficient raincoat

  • 1 thin wrap

  • 2 scarves

  • socks

  • underwear

  • 1 pair of shoes (find something that will work for long walks + with a skirt)

  • 1 pair of travel slippers for the hotel

  • Small evening or day-time bag

To Wear on the Plane, Car,Train or Bus

Wear your heavier clothes

  • 1 pant

  • sneakers/trainers or your bulky shoes

  • blazer or a jacket that can be worn at night + during the day

  • T-shirt

  • Lightweight puffer jacket

Toiletries Basics

  • Teeth: Brush, paste, floss

  • Hair: Brush, hairpins, bands, things to keep your hair in place

  • Travel size shampoo and conditioner

  • Face and Body:  Travel size facial cleanser, creams, body cream

  • Hands: files, clippers, small cream

  • Razor

  • Deodorant

  • *Add whatever else you need.

Bags in your bag

I love packing cubes for my clothes and everything else. They are in different colors so that I know what is inside them. It’s a great way to organised your case.

Packing cubes, laundry bag, Ziplocs, shopping bag

Packing cubes, laundry bag, Ziplocs, shopping bag

Your Medicine bag

  • Your prescriptions and medications

  • Aspirin or your general pain killer

  • Anti-bacterial cream (Neosporin)

  • Bandaids

  • Hand sanitizer


  • Eyeglasses and prescriptions


  • Adaptors

  • Chargers

  • Extra chords for your phone and other electrical things

  • Computer or iPad

  • Earphones

  • Bottle opener

What is in my travel backpack?

  • Phone + charger

  • iPad + charger

  • eye glasses

  • Small sketchbook + pens, brushes, pencils

  • Wallet and documents

  • Prescriptions and medication

  • Small bag with hand sanitizer, tissues, hand cream, lip balm

  • Light puffer jacket

What to Pack for a Multi Weather seven-Day trip


Everything that is in the basic list above


  • Gloves
  • Wool cap

  • 4 long sleeve thermal undershirts

  • 2 thermal underpants

  • 3 wool socks. (I like the smart wool)

  • 1 cashmere scarf

  • Gortex walking shoes (super waterproof!)

  • A large Gortex raincoat to wear over everything will protect you from the wind and the rain

  • 1 heavy puffer jacket

  • 1 waterproof pant.  (the type of pant that you can wear over your normal pants to protect you during rainy walks)

I traveled 8 months under different weather conditions with this suitcase.

I traveled 8 months under different weather conditions with this suitcase.

 A Short Travel Story

 When I was in Orkney, Scotland, I was walking on the docks, and I saw a lady who had a small easel hooked up to her bike, and she was painting the gorgeous pier scene.

 I interrupted her to ask her how she hooked up this contraption to her bike, and she was kind to show me. She told me that she was traveling in Scotland on her bike for two weeks. She explained that everything had its proper place and was balanced out so that she could ride efficiently.

 She showed me the bags on either side of her bike, there was one behind her seat, and then she showed me where the painting easel went. She had clothes for all the different kinds of weather in Scotland.

 I was in awe with her efficient packing and her courage to go on a solo bicycle trip.

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