Bio e Companhia is a certified organic store in Elvas, Portugal

Bio e Companhia is a certified organic store in Elvas, Portugal

I was so happy to find this little organic store in Elvas. When I first moved to the Alentejo area I tried to find organic food but was not successful. I was told about a few places in Badajoz but I really wanted a store in Portugal. You can’t imagine how happy I was to find this when I finally moved to Elvas.

Ana became interested in organic food after reading about how sugar affects the body and specially those who have cancer. She did more research on health and the benefits of proper nutrition and came to the conclusion that organic foods were vital to our well being.

Her concern with the amount of chemicals that go into our veggies sold in different stores and markets made her go on a quest in search of the best organic veggies and fruits. She found growers close to Elvas and therefore everything that she sells is very fresh.

Freshly picked organic veggies

Freshly picked organic veggies

Her idea is to provide freshly picked things for her clients to take home so she won’t stock the more delicate veggies. You must order what you want and pick it up at the store. She will deliver to some locations.

My selection of organic fruits and veggies

My selection of organic fruits and veggies

We were all very lucky that she continued to provide organic veggies during the pandemic. I had the best and the most tasty vegetables and fruits and that meant that I did not have to go to the supermarkets.

Bio e Companhia is a good source for nutritional information

Ana is very knowledgeable about foods, teas, herbs, nutrition and is quick to share information with everyone. She has helped me find the right tea to help me relax at night and the perfect tea that helps me with my dessert cravings. I drink the Schoko Chai (Yogi Tea) as a dessert. She will go out of her way to find special things for us.

My Interest in Organic Foods

I became more interested in organic foods after my half sister was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Unfortunately she is not around anymore. After she died I stopped eating organic and then went right back to it when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I do my best to eat organic and fresh foods.

I want you to know that I am not obsessed with my nutrition. I used to be. But I decided that it’s best to aim for a balanced diet and that a good chocolate cake or or a caramel chocolate cookie is a fabulous treat that I will always allow myself to have 🙂



Bio e Companhia

Address: Rua da Feira, 15 (Largo da Misericórdia)   Elvas 7350-148

phone: 268 620 083

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Ana had to close the shop after the first pandemic lockdown. 🙁

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