How do you plan your trips? I used to travel to get to know an area. I researched parks, museums, places to photograph, historical streets, good restaurants, and so on. I loved traveling like that, but after a few trips, I felt I was missing something. I couldn’t figure it out until I booked a few figure drawing classes during one of my trips to Edinburgh. It changed my whole trip. I felt connected to the city; I was doing things like a local, and my perspective of the city changed.

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My Bread Theme Trip to Edinburgh

My friend who runs an Airbnb in Edinburgh sent me a link to a Batch, Real Bread Campaign event a few weeks before going there. I was getting into sourdough baking and was proudly baking bread that finally looked and tasted good. I reserved a spot.

My trip started with a fantastic dinner at the St. Honore restaurant where I sat among amazing bakers and Andrew Whitley, who wrote Bread Matters and was (is) involved in the Real Bread Campaign. I didn’t actually sit next to Mr. Whitley, but I was near enough. I met many people who opened small bakeries in tiny towns all over the UK, and I was mesmerized to hear how successful they were despite being in isolated areas. It goes to show you the power of a delicious loaf of bread.

Dinner at St. Honore was fantastic, as always. I have been there several times. Neil Forbes, the restaurant owner and our host, created a lovely event where we all felt at home, and the conversation and the wine flowed smoothly. I left the event wanting to know more about the Real. Bread Campaign and decided to research the bread scene in Edinburgh.

12 Triangles

Twelve Triangles

The Twelve Triangles bakery is known for its bread quality, coffee and sandwiches. They have a few bakeries in town, and I went to their coffee shop in Leith for a charcoal bread sandwich. Charcoal bread was the rave at the time, and I had to try it. The coffee shop is small and so cute. I know, I know, so cute does not describe anything. The bakery is brightly lit and has a few tables, so I was glad that I went off hours. I walked towards the window, but a young couple took the best table. I was a little upset until I saw their huge gorgeous dog- I don’t remember what it was- but it looked at me with puppy eyes, and my disappointment disappeared. I sat down at the second-best table. One that had enough natural light to photograph my meal.

I thought that the charcoal bread was interesting, but sadly I did not fall in love with it. I did fall in love with their whole wheat sourdough bread and pastries that I took home.

I went to their other bakery shop on Brunswick, where I tried the delicious croissants, different sourdough bread, and I bought their jam. I gained weight during this trip.


My next bakery visit was to the Breadshare Community Bakery in Portobello. I made plans to have a sandwich at the bakery and then go for a lovely walk by sea all the way to Musselburgh to make up for the calories.

I could smell the bread baking as I walked into their small shop. I was excited to see all the shelves filled with cooling bread loaves in the back and could hardly wait to taste their sandwich. The baker welcomed me and told me that I was too late for lunch but could buy a loaf. After seeing my sad face, he said that he would make me a simple cheese sandwich and directed me towards the table by the window. It was simple and so tasty! On my way out, I bought a loaf, put it in my backpack, and started my walk. It was tough not to nibble on that sourdough while I was walking.


Archipelago is a charming small bakery in New Town in Edinburgh. I discovered it by chance during one of my trips to Edinburgh when I rented an apartment in that part of town. On my way to Stockbridge Market for breakfast, I passed by the bakery and stopped. I photographed it, wrote down the address, and made a note to visit. It looked promising, and I walked down the hill for a few more blocks and turned around. It was too tempting to pass it. There was a little table waiting for me. The bakery is small and has few tables, so I suggest that you go off hours. Something was coming out of the oven, and the place smelled delicious! I ordered my cappuccino, sourdough bread, butter, and jam. I was so happy that I changed my mind and had breakfast there.

Archipelago also bakes yeast and bread and serves a great bowl of soup that goes very well with all of their bread. Their veggie tarts and salads are also a must. I go there every time I am in Edinburgh.

Bostock Bakery

Bostok Bakery will give you a great excuse to hop on the train to North Berwick. Their sourdough bread is super and I enjoyed their soups and sandwiches.

A trip with a theme will spark your curiosity and you will have a lot more fun!


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Batch Edinburgh 2019

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  1. I like this theme idea, thanks.

    Love Edinburgh, the city of DI Rebus, and want to go back there when travel opens up. Guessing you went there before the pandemic…

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