Pandemic Travel

Table of Contents Lisbon-Paris-Lisbon Pandemic Traveling: UGH! I know, I know. I should start with an optimistic sentence and tell you all how wonderful it is to travel again. And it is. I love to travel. I love flying, and I love the idea of going to different countries and taking in everything that it […]

How can a +50 or +60 Make a Solo Trip Unforgettable?

Table of Contents Are you a wishful traveler, over 50 or over 60? Do you simply not book a trip because feel vulnerable? Change this now! Drawing I have always liked to sketch but I don’t draw well and eventually stopped because I thought it was just too difficult. A few years ago I became […]

Aveiro and Praia Costa Nova Day Trips

Table of Contents Aveiro and Praia Costa Nova are beach towns near the city of Porto.  Aveiro is known as the Portuguese Venice.  I liked it because of the small narrow streets, the cafes and the charm.  I opted out of the gondola rides but had a great time watching them  go by at an […]

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