Floral Design for Everyone

Floral Designs and Vases This week I created a fun challenge for myself: Create flower arrangements with unique clay vases. I met with my friend Ana Kesselring, a renowned artist, painter, and sculptor who currently lives in Lisbon. During this last year, Kesselring created unique vases and gorgeous plates inspired by organic shapes and colors. […]

How to Make Your Over 50’s More Exciting

Table of Contents Why is a Hobby so Important? Do you ever look around you and wonder how you can make your life just a tad bit more interesting? Many of us do the same things over and over. We exercise, eat well, read, and we forget to challenge ourselves so that we will get […]

Are You a Creative Maker?

Table of Contents A Challenge for You This is an Instagram challenge created by Joanne Hawker.  During the month of March people will share stories about their creative businesses, follow prompts and meet new people.  I have added her links below. We are all creative! Last year I wanted to join an Instagram challenge called […]

4 Butterfly Photo Tips

Table of Contents Butterflies from the Fairchild Butterfly Garden in Miami, Florida (photographed with a Sony mirrorless camera) Butterflies are like flying flowers 1) Go to a Butterfly Garden If you go a butterfly garden you will have the pleasure of seeing many species in one place. You will also see many different types of […]

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