The 15 Minute Cure

Table of Contents The 15 Minute Cure Feeling blocked? There are days that we feel mentally or creatively stuck. Painters, photographers, writers, musicians all go through it at some point. Have you ever got out of bed, had a great cup of coffee, and felt ready to do anything only to by struck by demotivation […]

Creative Walks

Table of Contents What to do when you have a case of the blahs? A few months ago, I spoke to my art teacher, David S, about feeling unmotivated to paint. The current situation was getting me a little down, and I wanted to get back to painting. I just couldn’t bring myself to get […]

Are You a Creative Maker?

Table of Contents A Challenge for You This is an Instagram challenge created by Joanne Hawker.  During the month of March people will share stories about their creative businesses, follow prompts and meet new people.  I have added her links below. We are all creative! Last year I wanted to join an Instagram challenge called […]

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