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How are you adapting to social distance or isolation? Are you finding that some days are very difficult while others seem to be surprisingly wonderful?

I think that my experience has been similar to most people that I have spoken to. There are days that I am fine. My life is quieter than usual but I try not to think about it much. There are days that I cannot think about what is going on so I binge on films and there are days that I need to exercise a lot to calm down.

Stay Calm and get Pro-Active

Road from Elvas to Varche

Road from Elvas to Varche


Walking is a great exercise and you can go quickly or just enjoy a slow and long walk. The idea is to get out of the house and keep moving for awhile. When we were under lockdown I used my stationary bike and that helped me so much. There were days that I would hop on the bike for 10 minutes just to get grounded and then continue with whatever I was doing. I need to move! Now I go for a walk with a friend once in awhile. We respect social distancing and we wear a mask even if we go on a long walk. We chat a lot and at the end of the walk I feel like I had some sort of a normal activity and I feel happy.

Visual Arts

Try to get involved with something artistic. It will help you focus on something completely different and who knows you may end up with a new super hobby!

I am very happy during the days that I wake up calm and feel inspired to draw or to photograph. When I am totally concentrated on something visual I feel that nothing can affect me and my real surroundings don’t matter at all. The problem is that it’s been hard to settle down to do these things sometimes. Photography is a little easier because I do it during my walks but drawing requires time out.


Write down your thoughts, your fears, your plans and your wishes. A journal can also be filled with cut out photos, drawings and objects.

I am back to writing on my journal after my breakfast. This is an on going thing and it helps a lot because I can complain about anything many times and not bore anyone while I get it out of my system. Journaling helps me understand my mental state. I can dig into whatever is bothering me and I have worked out many issues like that. I don’t always like what I see in me but I can acknowledge it and take things in a different direction. Journaling is great because you can write, sketch, doodle and the idea is to get focused on what you are doing. I think that once we focus on something other that was is bothering us we will feel better. It gives us a vacation from problems and is so good for our mental health.


The quick sketches are done without thought. I will choose anything that is in front of my and draw it. I don’t worry about perspective or anything technical. I let my hand do the thinking. Sometimes I place a piece of paper over my hand so that I cannot see what I am drawing. It is a wonderful way to practice seeing things without judgement

Sketching helps me control my wandering mind. It has wandered much more since isolation. The sketching keeps my eyes and hands busy and this somehow sends a message to my brain and I feel calmer in a matter of minutes.

Long Term Plans

We don’t know how long this is going to last and the truth is that yes, we can go out more but the virus is still out there and I am over 60 so I really need to be careful. I will practice social distancing as much as possible but will also try to have a fulfilling life.

social distance

I think that the best thing is to avoid large groups and be attentive as to where I go so that I can have control over my situation as much as possible. I wear a mask when I go to stores and I even put one on during a short errand in case I bump into anyone and I want to have a chat. People have told me that I don’t have to wear one when I am outside but I have noticed that people come very close to me when they chat and I feel so much better with a mask.

You will all have to find your own comfort zones re social distance your health safety. Try not to judge anyone and just be your best friend and take care of yourselves. Stay safe and share your thoughts with me about this. I am very curious about how you all are feeling.


Marguerite Beaty, Blogger, Photographer & Artist

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