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A theme around your trip

One of the things that can make your solo trip more interesting is if you create a theme around your trip. Go on a research trip and find out more about something that you are passionate about. I am very interested in the myths, legends and stories about King Arthur so Glastonbury was a good place to spend time and to dive into history and mythology.

I spent a few weeks learning about so many things, photographing and sketching. I met interesting people who showed me different spots and I learned quite a bit about the area.

Glastonbury is also known for it’s famous musical festival and the city gets packed a few weeks before the festival. I left just before large groups of people arrived. Great timing!

Getting Information and Feeling Frustrated

The Abby

The Abby

As soon as I arrived I went to the Tourist Information. It took awhile for the man behind the counter to speak to me. There wasn’t anyone else there and so I didn’t understand the wait but then I remembered that I was not in a city and just had to relax. So I did just that.

The gentleman behind the counter was not much of a gentleman. The minute he saw that I spoke English with an American accent he went on and on about WWII and was not very complimentary about Americans. I asked him where I could get the bus information so that I could visit nearby towns and he told me that there weren’t any buses. I asked more information and he was very vague and kept looking out the window. He clearly did not want to speak to me. I felt like I was in the twilight zone and so I grabbed as many brochures as I could and ran out.

I told my Tourist Information experience to a lady who worked at a bookstore and she told me that it was a pity that they only had volunteers working in there. She told me to go on a specific day of the week when a special lady who volunteers would be there and that she was very helpful and knowledgeable. And she was!

So never give up.

Sometimes you just need to speak to more local people to find out how to get around and discover interesting things during your trip.

By the way: There are many buses coming and going from Glastonbury but connections can be challenging.

My Solo Traveler Feelings

I loved my long visit to Glastonbury. I learned so much about myself and how I wanted to travel and savour culture around me. This is where I learned how much I love to walk.

I took long and leisurely daily walks. I took my time because I love to photograph and I loved standing still just to look at the countryside views.

I stayed at an Airbnb and Storm, my hostess was a warm and welcoming beautiful person. She and her husband were very kind and they also shared a lot of information about the area. My stay with them was crucial because I could live like a local.

I went on day trips and weekend trips to small towns nearby. Glastonbury was a wonderful base but the public transportation did make things a little difficult. Sometimes the bus connection were far apart and so I need to do extra planning and reserve more time for that.

It was during this lovely trip that I learn how to be alone for a long time and not feel lonely.

Curiosity saved me! I was always discovering new things and there was so much history and mythology.

I felt at home and even became a member of the National Trust so that I could visit all the surrounding castles and their beautiful gardens.

Chalice Well

The Chalice Well

The Chalice Well

The well is at the bottom of the Tor and legend goes that this where the Island of Avalon during King Arthur’s time was. It is also connected to the Holy Grail because it’s believed that the chalice was placed here.

It’s a female symbol while the Tor is the male symbol.

The link below will have more information about the symbols and myths.

Female figure

Female figure

The Chalice Well is just outside of the city and a fast and easy walk. The gardens around the well are beautifully designed and kept. There are lovely benches where you can sit and just enjoy it all. They also have an educational center where they teach different things throughout the year.




The Tor is a gorgeous hill with the beautiful St. Michael’s Tower. Legend says that this is King Arthur’s burial site. The National Trust states that the it’s thought that there is a hidden cave where you can go to fairy realm of Annwn. Gwynd ab Nudd, the Celtic lord of the underworld dwells there with the cauldron of Rebirth. (more on link below)

It is also believed that the Holy Grail was brought here.

Tor is the male symbol.

Walking stick on the Tor

Walking stick on the Tor

There are many pilgrimages to the Tor and I ran into groups who came to meditate and to feel it’s special vibrations.

View from the Tor

View from the Tor

Tor is about 10 or 15 minute walk from the center of town. There are several ways to go up there. You can get a bus part of the way and then climb up or you can walk all the way – and it’s a lovely walk! There is a more challenging climb to the Tor and there is an easier way.

Glastonbury bus

I was in Glastonbury for quite awhile so I tried both. I spent a lot of time up there. The views are breath-taking and it’s a fantastic place to sketch, photograph, meditate and re-live Avalon and it’s mysteries.

Glastonbury is known for it’s legends and connections to King Arthur, Avalon, the Holy Grail, the Abbey, Ley Lines and more. If you are interested in history and mythology, then you must go and find out more about it! I know that you will love being there.

So much to see and learn about in Glastonbury

So much to see and learn about in Glastonbury


Some public Links for you

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