Aveiro and Praia Costa Nova Day Trips

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Aveiro and Praia Costa Nova are beach towns near the city of Porto.  Aveiro is known as the Portuguese Venice.  I liked it because of the small narrow streets, the cafes and the charm.  I opted out of the gondola rides but had a great time watching them  go by at an awkwardly fast speed.Some of the things that Aveiro is known for are its pastries and the sea salt.  I walked around the little streets and found many lovely cafes by the canals one of which I sat down to relax and to get out of the heat.  I bought some salt to use on my sourdough bread recipe.

Next Stop: Praia Costa Nova

Have you seen pictures of the cute striped houses that look like doll houses?This beach town is such a charm.  Most of the houses have colorful stripes and you will see tourists choosing the best ones for their selfies and portraits.I also saw quite a few Instagrammers who were busy posing and changing their clothes to match the stripes. This was a great place for people watching.  There are many cafes and restaurants on this part of the town and it’s wonderful to walk around.This part of the town faces a lovely harbour where I saw small fishing boats and a few optimistic fishermen trying to catch… something!  I don’t think they were successful at fishing that day but they were having a great time there.

The Beach of Costa Nova

The sand dunes by the beach are protected and so the city has built beautiful wooden pathways that allowed me to walk all over the beach.I walked along the sand dunes and enjoyed seeing the people on the beach.  It felt like a summer vacation and it felt festive.It was very hot and breezy so I did not notice that I was getting a sun burn due to my sunscreen not doing it’s job.  By the end of the day I was looking pink and red but I was happy.  There is nothing like a beautiful beach.

Getting there

You can get a train from Porto to Aveiro and it will take about one hour.  Once you arrive in Aveiro you should walk down to the canal area and check it out.  There is a tourist office where you can get lots of good information about Aveiro.The bus stop to Praia Costa Nova is on the left side of the canal and they don’t come by that often so get ready for a long wait.  I did look at the schedule but it didn’t affect the actual bus time.You can also get a taxi from the train station that will cost somewhere in between 12 and 16 euros.You can drive.

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