Lisbon Boutique Shopping

Table of Contents Boutique Shopping in Lisbon Exploring boutique shops is like embarking on a fabulous journey to discover the heart and soul of a new city. I’m all about those charming little stores because they spill the beans on the local fashion scene and introduce me to unique designers. Sure, every place has its […]

Amazing Porto, don’t skip it!

statue of soldier on horse, night photo, city lights to the right, Porto, Portugal

Table of Contents Are you going to Porto for the first time? It’s a gorgeous city, and you will love it. Porto is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Its charm lies in its age and colorful vintage look, with many tiled buildings waiting for love and care. As the city gains popularity among tourists and […]

Make it real bringing creativity to life

Table of Contents Make it more fun with creative and cultural life. Embrace the opportunity to live a creative life. Participate in activities like walks, hikes, savor delicious food, explore art, and dive into history (not necessarily in that order!). All these things can serve as fantastic gateways to immerse yourself in a new culture, […]

The Magical Village of Porto Covo, Portugal

Discover the MAGICAL VILLAGE of Porto Covo Table of Contents Where should you go on your Solo Portugal Trip? Porto Covo, Portugal! Are you ready for dramatic views, beautiful beaches, and a gorgeous walk along the Costa Vicentina? Porto Covo is a small fishing village with white-washed houses that sit nestled atop a hill overlooking […]

Travel to Paris in the Fall

Travel to Paris in the fall when there are less tourists and it’s easier to get into museums and other places. Consider the shorter days and plan your trip to Paris accordingly. Shorter lunches, longer dinners! Enjoy the concerts in the evenings. When you travel to Paris in the fall you will enjoy the cooler weather, have more energy for long walks and the lines anywhere are smaller. Win! Win! I think I will keep aiming for Paris in the fall!

5 Reasons to hire a private travel guide

Table of Contents The benefits of a private travel guide    Whether you’re going on a solo trip or traveling with friends or family, a private guide is the best thing that you can do to learn more about a location and tailor your trip to experiences you’ll love. Here are 5 reasons to hire […]

A Trip to Paris Photo

Table of Contents Should I go or should I say? Photo Paris has been on my mind for years! Now, here I am, living a few hours from Paris – post lockdown, vaccinated, anxious to go… So, why not? I don’t know which appealed to me the most: The plane ride, the photo fair or […]

Lisbon’s Street Art Scene

Table of Contents Lisbon’s Street Art Culture Street art is a democratic type of art- Art for everyone by anyone. It used to be anonymous, but now you can see the artist’s Instagram handle at the bottom of most paintings. Many street artists sell their works in fairs, galleries and some, like Bansky, have successful […]

Meet Susana Barcelos

Table of Contents How a rooster catches a fish: Meet Susana Barcelos My fish adventures began when Susana Barcelos (my favorite fishmonger) opened her store, Peixaria-Estoril-Mar, a block away from my house.  Susana introduced me to Portuguese fish and gave me lovely cooking tips. This interview is translated from Portuguese, and is edited for clarity. […]

On the Rocks

Table of Contents Many things can inspire and influence your mini adventures. I became interested in megalithic stones after reading the first Asterix comic book, in which Obelix spends most of his time sculpting and carrying menhirs.  Megalithic stones are large prehistoric stones that have been used to create a structure or to create a […]

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