Eating Well After 50; The Quirky Gourmet Years

Table of Contents Why should women over 50 tweak their nutrition? Let’s talk about why treating our bodies like queens post-50 is an absolute must! Our metabolism decides to take a leisurely stroll instead of the usual sprint as we age. There is no need to panic, though—just an excuse to embrace the wonder of […]

Ageing and Sleeping

Table of Contents To Age and not to sleep Ageing and sleeping. Ah, the eternal quest for a good night’s sleep after hitting the fabulous 5-0. It’s like trying to wrestle a stubborn toddler into bed, only this time, the toddler is our elusive slumber. And let me tell you, the term “battling” is not […]

Grandma Moses:How a Fabulous Woman Reinvented her Life at 76

Table of Contents Never too Old! Whenever I think that I may be too old to start or to learn something new I think of Anna Mary Robertson Moses (Grandma Moses) and many other women who reinvented themselves during their later years. I started to sketch line drawings or doodles to describe my travels a […]

Thriving in Portugal: The Exciting Life of an Expat

Table of Contents Single Woman Over 50 Looking for Adventure Becoming an expat for a single woman over 50 can offer a plethora of enriching experiences and newfound independence. Embracing the expatriate lifestyle allows you to break free from routine, discover new cultures, and build a vibrant social network in a fresh environment. It’s an […]

How to eat healthy for women over 50 and 60

Table of Contents Having fun and eating healthy after 60 There are many things to consider to stay healthy when you get older, especially when you are over 60. You must be active, exercise, and walk a lot. Stay curious, learn new things, read, and participate in activities. Connect with people.AND: One of the most […]

Discover the pleasures of healthy eating

Table of Contents Embracing the Joys of Healthy Eating While Exploring Forget about strict diets; let’s dive into the world of healthy eating and foodie adventures! We won’t dwell too heavily on strict diets, but we’ll discuss diets and nutrition lightly because we still want to eat fewer calories and eat a tasty meal. Eating […]

Exit the Comfort Zone

Table of Contents Comfort vs Extraordinary  The Comfort Zone keeps things safe, albeit boring. Getting out of the comfort zone places you in the area of extraordinary possibilities, where anything can happen. How To Get out of Your Comfort Zone  Try new things out slowly so that you will enjoy the process. Drastic changes can […]

Post Pandemic Anxiety

Table of Contents How to Deal with Post Pandemic Anxiety Post Pandemic anxiety is the nervousness that many of us feel due to how the virus has changed our lives—isolation and fear of getting sick, and the fear of another lockdown. Running Away from Anxiety Anxiety can creep into our bodies without us noticing it […]

How living with less after 50 will make you happy

Table of Contents Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash Minimalist Experimentation 2020 was a good year to test out if I wanted to be a minimalist and how to live with less. Most of the stores were closed periodically for lockdown here in Portugal, and all I could shop for was food. It was easy […]

How to Eat Less and Photograph More

Table of Contents The psychological side of overeating I had a lovely nutritionist in Miami who helped me lose weight and change how I related to food. She worked with me on the psychological side of overeating, anxious eating, and mindless eating. During the first few months, she gave me a set menu that I […]

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