iPhone landscape photography

iPhone landscape photograph. Sintra hills in Portugal. Table of contents What is landscape photography? Is it a landscape if I photograph with my iPhone? How can I get ready to take landscape photography? Where can I get ideas? What is the most essential part of landscape photography? How to Frame Your Landscape Photograph Landscape Photography […]

Culinary Adventure for women over 50

Table of Contents Travel through foods Delving into the culinary offerings of a region is like embarking on a flavorful journey through tradition, heritage, and culture. Food serves as a gateway to understanding the heart and soul of a place. Before I set foot in a new destination, I make it a point to immerse […]

Self-portrait photography guide

Table of Contents How to do the best self-portraits Do the words “self-portrait ” and “selfie” make you cringe?  I have some self-portrait ideas for you that will change your thoughts about selfies, self-portraits, and portraits –especially for those over 50 and if you don’t like to be photographed. These portrait ideas will also help […]

Hiking benefits for women over 50

Table of Contents 6 Hiking benefits 1-Hiking benefits and mental health. Hiking activities remarkably impact your mood and provide other health benefits. Have you ever experienced the uplifting transformation when you immerse yourself in the great outdoors? Maintaining a good mood can bolster your physical health by reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, and enhancing your […]

From walking to hiking

Table of Contents Hiking with Sintra Hikes There are many beautiful hiking trails here in Portugal’s Cascais and Sintra areas, and professional groups are available to take you everywhere. I drooled over Sintra Hikes’ beautiful photos on social media and finally gathered the courage to make an appointment for a private guided hike. I spoke […]

Tips for a fun creative business challenge

Table of Contents Are you a creative person? Do you own a business? March Meet the Maker is here, and you will enjoy this spring challenge. March Meet the Maker is a fun Instagram challenge that will allow you to meet fellow creatives running a business or starting one. This is a space to share […]

How to use Yoga for Concentration

Table of Contents Yoga for concentration Constant multitasking, non-stop to-do lists, and a bombardment of stimulation makes concentration difficult for many adults. To make matters worse, we’re overwhelmed by cell phones, social media, and other on-demand technology that keeps us glued to screens and never giving anything our full attention. Being “plugged in” and overstimulated […]

Why you should love solo walks

Table of Contents Solo walks make the ordinary extraordinary Solo walks are refreshing and have many benefits. They give you time to yourself and allow your thoughts to wander while enjoying the views. A fast pace walk will provide you with the same benefits as a slow pace one- being that you might burn a […]

Overcome post-holiday stress

Table of Contents Holiday stress Holiday parties and events, family gatherings, decorating, cooking and baking… your schedule has probably been jam-packed the last couple weeks (or months) and you may be feeling less than jolly because of it. Seasonal stress is common, and with so many items on our to-do list, it’s no wonder we’re […]

Pandemic Travel

Table of Contents Lisbon-Paris-Lisbon Pandemic Traveling: UGH! I know, I know. I should start with an optimistic sentence and tell you all how wonderful it is to travel again. And it is. I love to travel. I love flying, and I love the idea of going to different countries and taking in everything that it […]

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