Ericeira, Portugal

Table of Contents Ericeira is a picturesque former fishing village, a haven for surfers, a delight for food enthusiasts, and a fabulous place to chill for a few days. The village is located just forty kilometers north of Lisbon and perched on a hill. The small fishing village offers breathtaking coastal views from every vantage […]

Cooking for One

Table of Contents The art of cooking for one I live alone, and I love going out for dinner- solo dinners and with friends, it doesn’t matter. I like to try out different foods, discover small restaurants and food trucks, and of course, experience the well-known chefs and the ones just starting their career. By […]

Adega Regional: My Dining Room in Elvas

Table of Contents Adega Regional: My favorite go-to in Elvas. I usually like to cook my own meals.  I love looking for the perfect ingredients for a recipe and I go out of my way to buy organic veggies and unique spices from a tiny shop somewhere out of my way.There are times that I […]

The Pastelaria Primavera

Table of Contents Mornings at the Pastelaria Early mornings at the Pastelaria Primavera: People gather in the morning and sit at the tables outside to drink coffee and smoke while many will go inside for their morning rituals. My favorite morning ritual: The bread delivery is loud and cheery! The small truck blocks the narrow […]

Elvas has a Famous Dessert

Table of Contents Sericaia is a traditional dessert from Elvas and the best and most famous one is made at the Pastelaria Canhão, run by Sandra Canhão and her family. Sandra is the friendly person behind the counter. Her family runs the pastelaria. The real secret why this is so delicious Slow cooking and a […]

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