Expat Life in Portugal Part II

Table of Contents Expat in Estoril Estoril rests along the coast, nestled within Cascais and surrounded by numerous captivating attractions. I resided near the renowned Casino and Hotel Palacio, notable for its appearance in the James Bond film “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. While Estoril exudes a residential charm, those seeking a more bustling atmosphere can […]

Expat Life in Portugal

Table of Contents Single Woman Over 50 Looking for Adventure Becoming an expat for a single woman over 50 can offer a plethora of enriching experiences and newfound independence. Embracing the expatriate lifestyle allows you to break free from routine, discover new cultures, and build a vibrant social network in a fresh environment. It’s an […]

Solo Living after 50:

Table of Contents The Cheery, the Fun and the Challenges Living alone has fantastic advantages, and it allows you to create a world designed to your likes and needs.  When you live alone, you can organize your house in a way that you understand space, make your own schedule, wander around in your pj’s, and basically […]

Live With Less After 50

Table of Contents Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash Minimalist Experimentation 2020 was a good year to test out if I wanted to be a minimalist and how to live with less. Most of the stores were closed periodically for lockdown here in Portugal, and all I could shop for was food. It was easy […]

How to Start Exercising After 50 and 60

Table of Contents How to Start Exercising After 50 and 60 You may remember what you could do 20 or 30 years ago, but slow down. Chances are that you will need to take those famous baby steps – I know. Boring. But the idea is to create a new habit, do it slowly, don’t […]

The Scary Elastic Pants

Table of Contents Do you feel that you are giving in to the comforts of life when you wear elastic-waist pants? I just spoke to my sister about what to wear to work at home.  I told her that I don’t like wearing my jeans- they aren’t comfy for hours at the computer.  I wore […]

Easy Stretches for that Achy Body

Table of Contents Do you sit for a long time? Or – is your back feeling a bit stiff? I have been having so many back issues this last year and so Rachel did this lovely video to help me. Stretching is so important for your body. It helps you de-stress, relax and the more […]

Spring Activities for the over 50

Table of Contents The Marguerite Method: decluttering all facets of my life Have you started your spring decluttering around the house? I’m feeling optimistic lately, so I put away most of my heavy winter clothes already. In doing so, I was horrified to see the amount of clothing I don’t want to wear anymore. I […]

Ageing and Health

Table of Contents I  just had a bit of a wake up call. I have had many but this one got me thinking. I visited a family member who was at a temporary assisted living facility. He had to go there after a health issue and could not go home after his hospital visit because […]

My over 50 lifestyle

Table of Contents Diets & When do you gain weight? It’s a new year and a new decade so I’m thinking about my diet and my lifestyle. I have started to gain a little extra weight every year.  Every time I travel I gain a few pounds and when I get home I have a […]

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